Hosted IP PBX Solution

Get ready to give your business the competitive edge with our Hosted IP PBX Solution.

Hosted IP PBX is one of the most preferred solution for IP telephony as it delivers high performance at almost zero maintenance cost. This solution allows small and medium sized businesses to incorporate sophisticated telephony system without any major investment on telephone equipment. One of the great benefits of Hosted IP PBX system is, an employee working from home in New York can transfer a caller to technical support which is located in Toronto, Canada. Employees can answer calls from their cell phones, on a laptop, from their home or anywhere with a traditional land-line or internet connection for business Voice-over-IP. With our IP PBX software, you can transfer calls, setup conferences, play music on hold, or direct calls to different departments through auto attendants and much more with great ease.


Cost Saving

  • Make long distance calls at surprising low rates
  • Little to no hardware needed to get started
  • No additional man power needed to manage the system

Work Anywhere

  • Stay connected with your employees with find me/follow me feature
  • Use desk phones, smartphone or laptops to stay connected
  • Ideal choice for companies with multiple offices

Benefits of Hosted IP PBX

  • No Large Upfront Investment – You can save on initial costs of purchasing an office telephone system
  • Less Ongoing/Maintenance Cost – Typically hosted IP PBX is more cost effective than a traditional PBX over the long run.
  • Work from Anywhere – Have your employees work from home, other offices, and mobile phones and even from overseas.
  • Establish Local Presence – Hosted IP PBX lets you create a virtual presence by getting local virtual numbers from different cities.
  • Improve Your Business Credibility – Get instant credibility by presenting your customers a solid and professional sounding telephone system.
  • Scalability for Growing Businesses – Traditional PBX systems are limited by number of extensions and lines, but hosted IP PBX can expand and grow with your business.
  • Up and Running in No Time – Compared to traditional phone systems, hosted IP PBX solution can be fully integrated and functional in less time.
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