IP PBX Mobile Client

IP PBX Mobile Client is taking the traditional IP PBX functionalities and bringing all of it onto a mobile device making it even more usable and effective for Enterprises and Providers.

Mobility takes the entire call management experience to a whole new level all together; calls can be received and made on a mobile device with the application being installed onto them. Compared to the previous methods where one had to stick to their desk to make a call, our IP PBX solution gives it an entirely new look and feel in terms of mobility being added for the customers to use.

What is IP PBX Mobile Client? The IP PBX Mobile client includes all the functionalities of the PBX on the mobile device. This includes majority of the features that can be operated from the mobile phone itself. This is an advantage for enterprise level businesses as the interface is similar to the IP PBX, employees can easily communicate among themselves and with customers just by using their mobile phones, resulting in more productivity.

Features of IP PBX Mobile Client

  • Includes the latest Echo canceler for disturbance free communication.
  • Call history
  • Blind Call Transfers
  • Call forwarding on busy and no answer
  • Follow me
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Parking
  • Ring Group
  • Answer rule configuration like addition, deletion can be done from the application.
  • Automatic Integration of the Address Book along with the ability to store and fetch PBX contacts from the server using API.
  • Application will capture the logs and provide an option to send those to support (in case of issues such as application crash).
  • Application allow displaying list of messages left on the server, delete and forward them to other user’s email.
  • Mid Call transfer to any contact or phonebook entry by a single button.
  • After a call session is ended, User will be given an option to make notes about the call. Notes will be saved to PBX using given API.
  • Customizable skins through Control Panel provided
  • Supports iLBC, G711, G729 and SILK audio codecs
  • Traverse NAT on public IP
  • Audio wizard for mic and speaker controls
  • Jitter free call quality
  • Lossless voice transmission

IP PBX Mobile Client Compatibility

  • All Android devices with 2.3.4 and higher versions
  • All iOS devices with 3.2 and higher versions
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