IP PBX Solutions

Vox PBX is the most advanced software based IP PBX system on the market. Our next generation IP PBX software will seamlessly integrate unified communications and mobility providing the most flexible and scalable communication solution for your business. It is the perfect choice for small, medium or enterprise businesses.

By utilizing the already existing IP network, Vox PBX provides feature rich and customizable platform that enables you to simplify communication and maximize ROI. In addition to providing seamless customization for admins, our IP PBX software also offers ultimate telephony experience for the end users.

Our IP PBX Technology

Crystal Clear High Quality of Calls

  • Clear audio with no drop out or echo problems
  • Audio clarity that is better than legacy PSTN phone
  • Superior audio compression and echo cancelling

Complete Scalability for Growing Businesses

  • Add lines and extensions instantly with ease
  • Can be easily integrated into the existing system
  • Literally supports unlimited calls

IP PBX Software Benefits

Save Money – Save at least 50% on Your Communication Costs

  • Make long distance calls for a fraction of usual calling cost.
  • Call to any other extension within your office or remote extension for absolution free of cost.
  • Avoid unnecessary installation and maintenance costs of expensive PBX hardware system.

Improve Productivity – Through Simplified Communication and Mobility

  • Easy deployment and quick configuration with no maintenance problems.
  • Most advanced call routing to automatically route calls to appropriate people.
  • Transfer callers to any extension within your office or remote extension.

Improve Customer Services – No More Unsatisfied Customers

  • Get rid of busy lines and avoid customers being frustrated
  • Let your customers find the correct department, always
  • Run product and services promos during call on hold using custom sound recording and music on hold features

On-premise or Cloud Hosted, no matter what is your deployment model is we have you covered.

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