Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution

Vox PBX offers multi-tenant capabilities which service providers can make the most to work on a single infrastructure for the entire system. As a result, they enjoy the flexibility to administer as many number of tenants and users as possible per server. Such an IP PBX platform is not only cost-effective in nature, but also increases the overall operational efficiency of the system.

Individual tenants are divided by logical partitions, each of which stores all of the individual tenant’s data, configurations and customized settings. Apart from the centralized control of all the tenants through a web based user interface, each tenant in turn has individual control of configurations and settings as if they are hosted on a single dedicated server. Thus, Vox PBX offers better control and management of various tenants and users of the system.


multi-tenant ip pbx solution


Vox PBX Multi-Tenant Platform Features & Benefits

Multi-Tenant PBX Platform

Vox PBX offers multi-tenant platform by leveraging which service providers can manage administration of multiple tenants under one server. All operations can be effectively managed from a centralized web user interface that is made available for service providers. As a result, providers can offer seamless VoIP services to any number of tenants and its users making huge profits.

SIP based PBX Platform

Vox PBX supports the industry-standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Therefore, it can work with any SIP devices and applications further extending its compatibility.

Advanced PBX Features

Vox PBX is a hosted PBX platform that provides advanced telephony functions to meet the requirements of any system cost-effectively and qualitatively. The platform capability ranges from offering simple business office communications to complex call center operations including inbuilt call billing.

High Availability & Reliability

The advanced features of the PBX platform ensures all time availability of VoIP services. The hosted PBX platform is designed such that possible causes of downtime namely route failure, server failure, network failure, system failure, etc., are effectively dealt with and kept to the bare minimum. Further, the platform also offers redundancy, backup and failover support to ensure business continuity.

Scalable and Customizable

Vox PBX multi-tenant solution is both scalable and customizable allowing service providers to cater to any number of tenants and its users on their own branding. Specially, the tenant administration and user administration can be customized to incorporate service providers’ unique branding. As a result, they become a notable entity in the VoIP market creating more business opportunities.

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