On-premise IP PBX Solution

Want to manage your own VoIP phone system? If so, Vox PBX on-premise IP PBX solution is the right for you. On-premise solution means we offer you the flexibility to run our solution in-house on your own trusted infrastructure. Why opt for hosted IP PBX solution when you have all the required resources like infrastructure and team to handle the network and software.


Some companies also prefer on-premise IP PBX solution due to internal regulations or local governments or mostly take have everything under their own control. Just let us know your requirement, we will tailor our IP PBX solutions to your needs and processes.

Few Good Reasons why You Should Opt for On-Premise IP PBX Solutions

  • Long term cost and doesn’t require monthly/yearly fee. It’s just a onetime investment.
  • The company makes more local and internal calls
  • Small company with no branches, then on-premise solution is the right choice.
  • Absolutely no need to be concerned about the security
  • Issues if any can be resolved with the help of in-house IT staff rather waiting for hosted provider.
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