Why IP PBX is better than Standard PBX?

IP PBX has revolutionized the way calls are being routed among multiple end points cost-effectively. Although, standard PBX system has set the tone for this revolution, IP PBX has swept the enterprise community with its superior and impact features. No longer does the employer have to worry about footing the high phone bills of their employees as the IP PBX network allows employees to work from anywhere and at any time. Most importantly, IP PBX is scalable and flexible to quickly adapt to any kind of enterprise business model. As a result, an IP PBX solution maximizes employee productivity and reduces overall costs of communication to boost the enterprise growth.

The following are some of the key factors where IP PBX has an upper hand on standard PBX:

  • No more telephone wires: With IP PBX, enterprises can get rid of endless telephone wires running from one extension to another adding complexity and jacking up the costs as in the case of standard PBX.
  • Easy to configure and use: Each extension within an enterprise is assigned a specific IP address by means of which the PBX system establishes communication. Any number of extensions can be easily configured with the IP PBX system and can be readily used to communicate. Whereas in standard PBX, configuring of each extension and making it available for use is time consuming and laborious.
  • Scalable: IP PBX system is scalable and can grow with the enterprise business needs. Unlike standard PBX, IP PBX doesn’t have any limitations in terms of available ports. Any number of IP addresses can be generated and assigned to the phone extensions.
  • Cost-effective: As IP PBX uses the VoIP technology, the cost per call is a fraction of what it is in the standard PBX thus maximizing the overall savings. Enterprises can stop worrying about paying huge monthly bills and start focusing on ways to drive their business growth.
  • Advanced PBX features: With IP PBX, enterprises can enjoy a wide range of PBX features that are sometimes not available with standard PBX. These include advanced extension configuration, advanced routing, ring group, call parking, call conference, intercom, call transfer, call forwarding, call recording, conference bridge and more. Together, these features make for an enjoyable and profitable calling experience for users.
  • Increase employee productivity: With IP PBX features, there is no scope of missing any calls. Therefore, enterprises don’t miss on any important information making their business very competitive. Also, employees can work from home or any other location while still being connected to the enterprise’s business phone system. This not only saves huge costs but also increases employee productivity through their high availability.
  • Low Maintenance: IP PBX is easy to maintain and manage unlike standard PBX which involves regular checks for telephone lines and other hardware.
  • Easy Administration: Unlike standard PBX which requires detailed instructions to use advanced features such as call conferencing, conference bridging, call transferring, etc., IP PBX allows everything to be performed easily via Web GUI. Thus, it’s improves the phone usability.

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