Business VoIP from AnywhereThe most flexible and scalable communication solution for your business that seamlessly integrates unified communications and mobility.


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Tailored to Suit Every BusinessWhether your business is small or large Vox PBX offers solutions built around your unique needs to give you competitive edge.


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Call Management Using SIP ClientsEmpower your employees to innovate, collaborate, and be more productive. Vox PBX lets you work from anywhere.


  • Vox PBX is the most advanced software based IP PBX (IP Telephony) system in the market. Our next generation IP PBX software will seamlessly integrate unified communications and mobility providing the most flexible and scalable communication solution for your business.

    Advanced Fail over Configuration

    Multi-tenant Management

    Advanced Caller ID Management

    Blind & Attendant Call Transfer

    Announcements and Music On Hold

    Time Based Call Routing

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